TL Full stack(Node.js, React)

We are seeking a Team Lead capable of guiding the team with a degree of autonomy, adept at navigating complex situations within a multicultural and cross-country setting.
Our client is a big international SaaS platform that allows salespeople to focus on selling. About 8 years ago, the company started as a startup. Now the main product is a BigData for sales professionals to identify, engage and close prospects, thanks to the prospecting platform, web extension, and API. The company’s customers range from SMBs to Enterprises, including Google, Dropbox, Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. 


1-st stage: interview with Recruiter (around 40 minutes)

2-nd stage: interview with Tech Lead (around 1,5 hour)

3-rd stage: interview with the client

Team size: 18 Engineers in Ukraine

Skills required:
7 years of dev experience is a must.
2 years of managing dev teams
Good communication skills
Ability to work in multicultural and international environments
At least 4 years of experience in Nodejs
At least 4 years of experience in React
Expertise in databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc.
Curious, forward-thinking, driven to learn and experiment with new initiatives and tools.

Take full ownership of features and products throughout their lifecycle, including design, implementation, testing, and deployment to production.
Improve internal tools and additional components of the system, managing feature development using React and Node.js end to end.
Actively participate in project planning, ensuring commitment to content and deadlines.
Manage the production environments of squad products, ensuring they meet the needs of thousands of customers worldwide.


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